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7 Lessons To Know About Your Company’s Website To Avoid A Breach Of Section 24 Of The Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA)

Have you recently carried out a vulnerability test on your Company’s website and secured webpages such that all Confidential and Personal Data would not leak out accidentally? This is what happened to one such Company who allowed their customers to access data from their company webpage due to having inadequate security measures. What Happened? For […]

3 Major Amendments To The Employment Act Business Owners Must Know

For an employer, It is a bag of mixed feelings on the proposed amendments.  It is however no surprise the executive and managerial employees who earn higher salaries welcome the changes. We think these changes level the benefits to employees as a whole and perhaps it is time for employers to ensure that their company’s […]

7 Costly Legal Mistakes Startups Make When Issuing Equity

While sitting in your co-sharing office space, anxiously waiting to make your next presentation on your App, you ponder nervously if your investors would be interested in your App. You have worked with your team for many months and this next presentation is one of many you have made to scrutinizing investors. You continue to meet […]