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3 Major Amendments To The Employment Act You Must Know

For an employer, It is a bag of mixed feelings on the proposed amendments.  It is, however, no surprise the executive and managerial employees who earn higher salaries welcome the changes. We think these changes level the benefits to employees as a whole and perhaps it is time for employers to ensure that their company’s […]

The Case of “I did not know that I needed a Personal Data Protection Policy in My Organisation”

The “I did not know!” Defence and “Do I really need not have A Personal Data Protection Policy in My Organisation, I didn’t think I needed it”? That is exactly what the management of “Bud Cosmetics Pte Ltd” (“Bud Cosmetics”) told the Commissioner of the Personal Data Protection Commission in Re Bud Cosmetics Pte Ltd [2019] […]

The Truth You Never Knew About Non-Compete and Non-Solicitation Clauses

As an employer, you would not be unfamiliar with non-compete and non-solicitation clauses. Collectively known as restraint of trade (ROT) clauses, employers or their lawyers have probably drafted one form or another of ROT clauses into your standard employment contracts so as to restrain employees from engaging in certain activities. Nevertheless, despite your employee’s signature […]

New Employer Obligations, Are You Aware?

New Employer Obligations – Are You Aware? If you are an employer, it’s definitely high time to sit up and take a close look at the slew of new legislative changes to Singapore’s employment scene. Not only do employers now have numerous new mandatory obligations to fulfill, failure to comply could attract administrative penalties and […]

Dealing with bankruptcy woes

Dealing with bankruptcy woes Just being handed a bankruptcy order and feeling helpless? Or stuck in bankruptcy for a while now and trying to get out? Don’t panic yet. With the new 1 August 2016 amendments to the Bankruptcy Law, perhaps it is time to relook at whether you can escape your current bankrupt state. […]

Prenuptial Agreements – Not A Barrier to Nuptial Bliss

A common sight in celebrity weddings in the West, prenuptial agreements are more of an exception than the norm here in Singapore. Since they usually deal with matters in the event of a divorce, many view them as a sign of bad luck or distrust. However, superstitions aside, a prenuptial agreement reflects, more than anything, […]